Career Planning and Advice

Career Planning and Advice


Whether you are applying for a graduate program, a casual or part-time job or full-time employment, it is likely that you are competing against many other applicants. To be in with a chance, it is important that your application stands out from the rest.

The information and resources available in this guide will help you prepare your written application and plan for an interview, to improve your chances of getting the job.

If you are an international student and you are unsure about your work rights, check out the following article for some useful information: Working in Australia.

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Preparing a Written Application

Preparing a job application is a time-consuming task. The content and quality of your written application are fundamental in determining whether you make it through the first round of selection. Only those applicants who best demonstrate their ability to meet all the essential requirements of the position will be considered for an interview.

To prepare your application, you should consider the following steps:

Step 1. Write a resume

Step 2. Write an application letter

Step 3. Address the selection criteria​ (if necessary)

Step 4. Complete the online application form (if necessary)

Step 5. Attach relevant supporting documentation

Step 6. Submit your application

Your application should be prepared and submitted in the language the job was advertised in. Remember, you are in Australia, so most likely you will be required to write your application and resume in ENGLISH.

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