How to become a Real Estate Agent in Australia

How to become a Real Estate Agent in Australia

Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry in Australia is expanding due with the increase in population from migration. As the population infrastructure develops to cope with the growing demands, new property development projects are being created right across the major capital cities in Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Along with the increase in industry, will be the rise in demand for professionals to service the industry. At SIIT, we help individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the real estate industry. We are a Registered Training Organization in Sydney, with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane to prove a number of cricos courses, from diploma to higher education level. SIIT, can also provide nationally accredited vocation courses for the real estate, finance and mortgage industries. Our real estate course currently covers the NSW, ACT and VIC industry requirements.

The major role of a Real Estate Agent is to

  1. 1. Provide market appraisal.
  2. 2. Advise on the best practice of sale.
  3. 3. Develop your marketing plan.
  4. 4. Implementing your marketing plan.
  5. 5. Creating a presentation of your home to the public.
  6. 6. Exposing your property to potential buyers.
  7. 7. Negotiating the best price from the purchaser.
  8. 8. Present offers.
  9. 9. Ensure that all requirements and processes are met.
  10. 10. Managing the settlement process.

A Real Estate agent also performs other duties but not limited to, rentals, property management and administration work.

Here are the steps to becoming a certified real estate agent.

Step 1

Obtain a Certificate of Registration through a Registered Training Organization.

Step 2

Gain employment with a Real Estate company. Explain to the company that you wish to pursue your Certificate IV in Property Services to obtain a Real Estate license. They may help you pay for the course as part of the CPD.

Step 3

Obtain a Cert IV in Property Services (Real Estate) through a Registered Training Organization.

Step 4

Apply at Fair Trading through Service NSW for a Real Estate License. (See here for more information

Step 5

You are now a licensed Real Estate agent with full industry rights to work as a professional.

For more information regarding Real Estate Certifications or Cert IV in Property Services, please contact SIIT on 02 8007 6301 or

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