How to become a translator?

How to become a translator?

Take the  NAATI Endorsed course (Advanced Diploma of Translating - PSP60816)  and pass the NAATI certified translator test is the best way to achieve the qualification as a translating practitioner in Australia. People then could accept tasks from the clients or take jobs from the language service provider ( e.g. Language Loop).

According to SEEK Career Advice, the most common salary in AUS for a translator is between $85k and $160k annually.

The requirements of a good translator include the excellent command of written English and written LOTE(language other than English),  good understanding of cultures and language backgrounds, broad general knowledge etc.

SIIT’s Advanced Diploma of Translating course is well developed and updated. Our experienced translating trainers not only deliver the translating knowledge and practical skills, but also share their precious  translating experiences.  SIIT have been guiding a great number of students on their career so far.  Let us to help you too.


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