How to become an interpreter in Australia?

How to become an interpreter in Australia?

If you would like to have an advantage when seeking interpreting job in Australia, the best way is considering a NAATI endorsed course (Diploma of Interpreting-PSP50916 Or Advanced Diploma of Interpreting-PSP60916 ) and obtaining the Certified or Certified Provisional Interpreter qualification from NAATI.

Once you are certified by NAATI, you could accept tasks from the clients or take jobs from the language service provider ( e.g. Language Loop). According to SEEK Career Advice, the most common salary in AUS for an interpreter is between $55k and $65k annually.

To become an interpreter is full of challenges including excellent command of English and LOTE (Language other than English), perfect note taking skills, strong work ethics etc.

SIIT, a NAATI endorsed institution with over 10 years operating history, is the best choice to help you conquer theses challenges. Our Interpreting lecturers are all years experienced and practical course materials could train your professional skills and build up confidence during the learning period.


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