Promoting SIIT and Media

Promoting SIIT and Media

Promoting SIIT and Media

To assist you in promoting SIIT, we have developed a range of marketing materials:

When counselling students and promoting SIIT to prospective students, we have provided some key selling points for reference when marketing SIIT:

  • certificate, diploma and advanced diploma levels of study
  • NAATI Endorsed Qualifications
  • University Pathways
  • a leading provider of vocational education and training with 3 campuses across Australia
  • excellent campus facilities with leading-edge technology
  • qualifications are accredited nationally and recognized internationally
  • practical, industry-relevant training designed in consultation with industry
  • student diversity, with international students coming from over 70 different countries

To assist you and your staff to be acquainted with SIIT’s various campuses and training facilities, please visit campuses. This website includes campus maps and public transport information to provide to your clients.

Please note, all SIIT courses are not available at every campus and special care must be taken when counselling students and prior to acceptance to eliminate unnecessary confusion and disappointment.

SIIT Promotion Materials

SIIT 2018 –2019 NAATI Endorsed Courses Poster

SIIT CCL Promotion Flyer—Melbourne Chinese—09/2018

SIIT CCL Promotion Flyer—Melbourne ENGLISH—09/2018

SIIT ADI Promotion Flyer—Melbourne—09/2018

SIIT Melbourne DI ADT 09 2018 Promotion Poster

SIIT Qualification Brochure  (English)

SIIT Qualification Brochure  (Chinese)

SIIT Admission Application Form (NAATI Endorsed Course)

SIIT Short Training Course Application Form (CCL, short training)

SIIT Real Estate Services (Certificate IV, Certificate III and PD) Course Poster—09/2018

SIIT Financial Planning Course Poster—09/2018

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