Professional Development | CPD Courses

Professional Development | CPD Courses

CPD Courses | Professional Development 

Professional development (PD) refers to training that practicing accredited and certified interpreters and translators are required to undertake in the form of workshops, courses, seminars, and other activities, in line with NAATI LTD Revalidation & Recertification policy introduced in Australia in 2007 and 2018.

Professional experience and professional development are of the utmost importance in translation and interpreting training. We therefore provide many opportunities for students and practicing interpreters and translators to develop and refine their skills.

Delivery Method

Courses (on site) and Webinars covering all facets of translating and interpreting delivered by highly trained educators and expert presenters.

About Professional development (PD) - CPD Courses

Language Experts provide regular, current and relevant training and preparatory programs aimed at current and future interpreting and translation practitioners who:

  • Want to develop and maintain existing skills

  • Want to upgrade their accreditation levels

  • Want to fulfill their Recertification/Revalidation requirements

  • Are interested in translation and interpreting as a career

  • Would benefit from essential skills need to acquire accreditation/certification

Language Experts courses and programs are appropriate for:

  • Practicing interpreters and/or translators at any accreditation level wishing to maximize their career opportunities

  • Accredited interpreters and translators required to re-certify or re-validate their credentials

  • Persons wishing to participate in preparatory studies with a view to further training

  • Prospective candidates taking their first step in preparing for a Paraprofessional and/or Professional Interpreter or Translator test.

  • Applicants interested in recognition status of their language and other skills

  • Take advantage of the many and varied training workshops and courses such as:

  • Chuchotage-Whispered Simultaneous Interpreter Course

  • Introduction to Interpreting/Translation Course

  • Introduction to Health-Legal Interpreting Course

  • Legal and Court Interpreting Course

  • Health and Medical Interpreting Course

  • Medical Terminology for Interpreters and Translators Course

  • Translation Techniques Course

  • Ethics and Professionalism Modules 1, 2 and 3

  • Listening and Comprehension

  • Memory Retention and Note Taking Skills Modules 1 and 2

  • Transfer Skills for Interpreters and Translators

  • Chuchotage-Whispered Simultaneous Interpreting Techniques

  • Dialogue and Consecutive Interpreting Skills

  • Note-Taking in Consecutive Interpreting Skills

  • English Language Consolidation

  • Linguistics for Interpreters and Translators

  • Use of CAT Tools (Wordfast and Trados) and a lot more.

All our training programs attract professional development CPD points for Certification/ Revalidation. Certificate of attendance is available for each completed course for a small fee. 

Regular and ongoing programs are delivered in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney, in addition to our On-line Learning Program delivered via Webinars using the latest technology in a virtual classroom environment. The programs are flexible, high quality, intensive skills-based and each unit is tailored to the needs of the participants. There is no minimum or limit on how many or the sequence of courses anyone can do. We do, however, offer advice on request regarding appropriate selection to best meet an individual's requirements.

Professional Development Resources - CPD Courses

Professional Development Resources is a collection of useful links and content available to those interested in any of our short courses. If you would like further information visit our calendar of short courses.

For all the details and resources, please visit Professional Development Resources page.

Professional Development Training Calendar

The Translation and Interpreting Studies program at SIIT is pleased to have commenced a new cycle of professional development training in 2018.

The T&I Professional Development training run by the Translation and Interpreting Studies program are intended to update and extend the skills of practising interpreters and translators.

Please note that these trainings do not lead to recommendation for NAATI accreditation or certification. For further details about the NAATI certification system, please visit the NAATI website.

For the upcoming training sessions, please visit Professional Development Training Calendar page.

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