TIIS - The Institute of International Studies Grand Launch 2018


SIIT 10 Year Anniversary Invitation

SIIT 10 Year Anniversary Invitation SIIT 10年校庆活动邀请

August and September 2019 Promo

SIIT E-Learning Courses Promotion!


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ICT80515 - Graduate Diploma of Telecommunications and Strategic Management

ICT80515 - Graduate Diploma of Telecommunications and Strategic Management, ICT

New! BSB80615 - Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

BSB80615 - Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

SIIT 10 Years Anniversary

SIIT 10 Years Anniversary

SIIT, SOA, and CECTV jointly launch a special program - Fighting the Epidemic and Supporting Wuhan | Cheer for Wuhan! Cheer for China!

SIIT is also closely monitoring the development of the epidemic and is working with Chinese compatriots in Australia and China to go through hardships.

E-Learning: Property Management (Real Estate) Course

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Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

The Certificate IV in TESOL is an English teacher qualification at the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level 4, designed specifically for adult learners who want to teach English to speakers of other languages either in Australia or overseas. Graduates of this course will meet minimum TESOL specialist qualifications requirements for entry-level teaching positions. During the course you will develop basic skills in classroom presentation techniques, lesson and resource preparation, and classroom management. You will gain the knowledge and skills to assist learners to improve their grammar, pronunciation and speech, and you will also develop an awareness of cultural issues likely to be encountered with English language learners in different countries. This course also shows you how to use a range of TESOL teaching methods to assist learners to develop and improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills; how to develop tasks or tests to assess language learners; how to assist learners to prepare for language tests such as IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL; and how to use computers to enhance learning.

ADT Online Course

ADT Online Course

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