SIIT, SOA, and CECTV jointly launch a special program - Fighting the Epidemic and Supporting Wuhan | Cheer for Wuhan! Cheer for China!

SIIT, SOA, and CECTV jointly launch a special program - Fighting the Epidemic and Supporting Wuhan | Cheer for Wuhan! Cheer for China!

At the beginning of 2020, coronavirus epidemic grasps everyone's nerves

SIIT is also closely monitoring the development of the epidemic and is working with Chinese compatriots in Australia and China to go through hardships.

In order to express its deep concern for the people of Wuhan and even the people of the whole country, SIIT, together with CECTV and SOA, jointly launched a special program "Fighting the Epidemic and Supporting Wuhan" to pay tribute to the medical staff who are fighting on the frontline of the epidemic! 

Through a series of songs to cheer up Wuhan, we would like to convey our deep concern of the Chinese people.

抗击疫情 加油武汉From SIIT 悉尼翻译学院56:30

Broadcast time: Friday morning at 8:00 AM

Re-broadcast time: Friday at 6:00 PM

Please pay attention to the WeChat platforms of SIIT and SOA and listen to the radio programs on time.

1. On WeChat, click “focus” on SOA platform to listen to the programs

2. Use Internet browser to visit the website of SOA. The online listening URL is as follows:

Let's cheer for Wuhan together!

Cheer for China!

SIIT trainer Sandra acted as a consecutive interpreter for the Ministry of Health and did an extremely important interpreting job.

At the same time, our trainers Jenny and Sandra also went to the customs at Sydney airport to act as an interpreter assisting Chinese people in and out of the country.


On such important occasions and moments, you can always see SIIT.

We will also keep an eye on the latest news of the epidemic development and keep you updated. We stay together with you.

SIIT is also deeply concerned about the learning and living situation of all students.

                   Given the recent outbreak and the impact of the travel ban, in order that all students can keep up with the learning progress in time, for the health and safety of everyone, SIIT has launched online learning options for our students.

Students in Australia who do not want to travel or those who are now still in China can enjoy our Webinar / online courses with one click! Just download ZOOM and you can enjoy the convenience in time.

Please contact SIIT as soon as possible to open the online course learning function, or inquire about the learning method that is most suitable for you at present. The trainers will, as always, provide you with high-quality teaching. You can also ask questions and interact with the trainers at any time, and we will quickly respond to you.


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