To Establish Itself as 'A Bridge across Cultures'

To Establish Itself as 'a Bridge Across Cultures'

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Sydney Institute of Interpreting and Translating (SIIT) is a registered training organisation with campuses in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. The academic programs offered at SIIT, including NAATI courses (NAATI Endorsed Qualifications) such as Diploma of Interpreting, Advanced Diploma of Interpreting, Advanced Diploma of Translating; Real estate agent courses such as Certificate of Registration and Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate); financial planner course such as Diploma of Financial Planning. All courses are built around the needs of the students.

Key Dates

New Zealand Earthquake Following Cyclone Gabrielle

By Elle Wei | 3 September 2023

Source: ABC News & AFP/Getty Images Following tropical cyclone Gabrielle, an earthquake (15/02/23) struck near Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city. The earthquake reached a magnitude of 6.1 and struck at around 8 pm on Wednesday local time, according to New Zealand earthquake monitoring agency GeoNet. The abysmal timing of the earthquake follows the devastating tropical cyclone…

What are the differences between being an interpreter and a translator?

By admin | 3 September 2023 |

Interpreters and translators are two different things that are often conflated into one by many! The two share many similarities and are often performed in conjunction to aid communication by converting messages or text from one language (typically called the source language) into another language. Interpreting and translating still have a fair share of differences.…

What are some perks and benefits of being a real estate agent?

By Elle Wei | 3 July 2023

Source: iStockbus leo. Australian real estate has had a large growth in recent decades, and it has become one of the top choices for many global investors. Here are the top three perks of studying to be a licensed real estate agent in Australia! So the first benefit is flexibility! Depending on if you’re working…

How viable is being a translator or interpreter in Australia?

By Elle Wei | 4 June 2023

With the growth of AI technologies that are now able to complete basic translation tasks without human assistance, many have been left wondering if being a translator or interpreter in Australia is still a viable career option. Census data from 2016 has shown that over 300 languages outside of English are spoken at home, and…

Connecting People Through Language

By Elle Wei | 3 June 2023

It doesn’t take a genius to know the importance of communication, connection and understanding. Language connects people and often goes beyond a simple means of communicating with one another. Language is intrinsically linked with our society and our species as a whole and is influenced by a wide range of factors beyond just vocabulary, syntax…

How well do you really understand the NAATI exams?

By Elle Wei | 3 June 2023

International students in Australia envision a bright future that is free from anxieties and worries about job opportunities, immigration, being underpaid, student visa expiry and more. These concerns can be resolved and addressed by enrolling in and completing NAATI-endorsed translating and interpreting courses. The NAATI-endorsed translating and interpreting courses are qualifications accredited by the National…

The Role of Medical Interpreters and What They Do

By Elle Wei | 3 May 2023

Australia is a multicultural country, home to people of various contexts and backgrounds. In such a culturally diverse society, the importance of medical interpreters cannot be understated. Medical interpreters are necessary for all spheres of the medical field and are needed to effectively communicate complex or technical information to patients who lack proficiency in the…

Will AI replace human translators?

By Elle Wei | 3 April 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term encompassing a wide range of software solutions aimed at serving a specific set of purposes. With the growth of artificial technology, many have questioned whether artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually replace humans in the workplace as industries become increasingly automated and digitalised. This is particularly the case when…

What are some perks and benefits of working as a qualified interpreter or translator?

By Elle Wei | 3 April 2023

Source: ANP Transcriptions Global translation and interpreting services are very important because they connect different cultures, languages and people. It doesn’t come as a surprise that working as a qualified interpreter or translator has many benefits and perks. Below is a list of three of the top reasons: The first benefit of being a translator…

What People Say

Chris ZHONG Interpreter

SIIT is a good institute to help students build up knowledge and skills in their work and other areas of study. SIIT’s trainers and teachers are patient with every student who has difficulty. They provide adequate help to solve the problem and encourage and inspire their students.

David WANG Interpreter

The ADI course is beyond my expectation after half-year study, I have three tutors in my class, and all of them are impressive in their skills and professionalism. They not only taught me the interpreting skills but also shared their working experience to help me with preparation for a career as an interpreter.

Ellisa Translator

I have finished the Advanced Diploma of Translators course provided by SIIT and I am accredited as a professional translator by NAAIT. The completion of the diploma not only equipped me with the skills and knowledge to become a professional translator but also offers me a new path in my career.

Sophia Translator

It was a very enjoyable and productive course. The teachers are quite professional and the Advanced Diploma of Translation classes are great! I would recommend it to other potential students.

Katherine Interpreter

Hi, I am Katherine. I’m glad to share you guys with my exciting learning experiences at Sydney Institute of Interpreting and Translating. I love this place because the course device and active teaching staff never disappoint me.


"Your journey to success starts here. Explore our college's programs and resources to shape your brilliant future."

"Your journey to success starts here. Explore our college's programs and resources to shape your brilliant future."