PSP60822 Advanced Diploma of Translating (online/blended)

Description of the Qualification

This qualification covers the competencies required to translate special purpose texts from one language to another, to convey information written using specific terminology for a specific audience in functionally equivalent translated texts that are accurate and appropriate to the context, target audience, and end use.

The Advanced Diploma of Translating (PSP60816) prepares translators to translate texts where there may be significant equivalence problems between source and target text, the subject of the text has its specific terminology, or there is a need to undertake extensive research and translate complex language and concepts. Specific audiences may be found in commerce and marketing, government and international relations – including immigration, both regular and humanitarian – the media, and sectors generally considered professional, such as law, health and medicine, technology, and science. Assignments may deal with material that requires significant quality assurance processes, as the consequences of mistranslation can be far-reaching.

Available Intakes

There are currently no openings available for this course.



AQF Level:

Level 6

Course Duration:

52 Weeks, incl. 40 Weeks of Training and 12 Weeks of Break

Training Package:

PSP – Public Sector

Code and Title of Qualification:

PSP60822 Advanced Diploma of Translating